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CEO Full Form

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CEO full name = Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest ranking officer in a corporate organization who looks after overall management and administration. In some companies and organizations the same position is referred with names like Managing Director (MD) and Executive Director (ED).


1) What educational qualification is required to become CEO of a company?
Ans: There is not a specific educational degree required. CEO for a company is appointed by board of directors of that organization. Historically it has been found that most CEOs have MBA or technical degree.

2) What is the salary of a CEO?
Ans: It depends on the size and nature of the business. For example Oracle CEO Lawrence J. Ellison is said to be highest paid CEO with $96,160,696.

Other full forms and full names of CEO:

  1. Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization
  2. Corporate Executive Officer
  3. Center for Effective Organizations
  4. Center for Equal Opportunity
  5. Central Europe Online
  6. Canine Enforcement Officer
  7. Center for Earth Observation
  8. Center for Electro-Optics
  9. Civil Engineering Operations
  10. Chairman and Executive Officer
answered Sep 20, 2013 by admin_controller (132,440 points)

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